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hosting groups

The three accommodation complexes of white wooden cabins are located in Moshav Ramot, five minutes from the Sea of Galilee. With an impressive view and an exceptional standard of hospitality. The complexes are especially suitable for hosting high-quality groups, whether for a training day or a joint vacation, executive meetings, discussions and more...

Whether your group is looking for B&Bs for couples or B&Bs for groups, we are the solution for luxury accommodation in the Golan Heights.

In each of our complexes there is a heated pool, a common dining room and kitchen, and green and blooming common areas.

Our breakfasts are known for their richness and quality, and you can also combine luxurious dinners and refreshments during the day.

Around the moshav there are many attractions for group formation and activity -

Horseback riding, trips in all-terrain vehicles, the Kinneret beaches, hiking trails and more. We also offer spa treatments and other customized activities - and we will be happy to help you plan a solidifying, relaxing and unforgettable group stay.

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