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Accessibility in the boutique complex

The BOUTIQUE complex is accessible to wheelchairs and allows easy access.

The "Viable" chair was developed and designed by Moshav Ramot in a small studio specializing in the design of assistive devices for the disabled. The partnership with the owner of the studio allows us to offer every person with a disability the opportunity to visit one of our cabins and enjoy independent use of this groundbreaking product, which allows easy access to any existing toilet cubicle, without the need to specially adapt to a wheelchair.
The product is the result of the entrepreneurship of a brother and sister, who see before their eyes the goal of increasing the degree of freedom and independence of the disabled population.
Bikata Belvan is the first and only resort that offers its customers the possibility to borrow a chair for example.



The Willable chair is the only toilet and shower chair in the world that allows an independent disabled person to use normal toilets that are not adapted for a wheelchair.
Thanks to a particularly high maneuverability and a unique structure that allows the creation of a much narrower width than a standard chair, almost any toilet cubicle can be fitted independently.
The folding product is very suitable for trips and travels. It is made using plastic injection technologies from composite materials.
It is completely washable. Especially suitable for people who want to go out and vacation in new places in an easy and respectable independent way.

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