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What is the connection between happiness and hospitality?

If you ask me about the happiest day of my life, I will tell you about the day of the establishment of wooden cabins in Laban,

Our luxury accommodation complex in Moshav Ramot which is in the south of the Golan Heights.
I invested my soul in the place and in providing a perfect experience for the guests.

Whether you want a customized breakfast for your dietary needs, to make a fire in front of the breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee, to cook a romantic dinner or anything else, I will always be there with an immediate response.

With a smile and a lot of love, I will pluck the moon for you - the main thing is that you leave satisfied.
The maintenance of the green and prestigious complexes, which include several pools, several dining rooms and kitchens, is conducted by Yaakov - my dear husband. With a good hand and endless diligence, he keeps the cabins in order and the yards well-kept, and allows me to host you perfectly.
Get in touch, book a white cabin and we guarantee you an exceptional and perfect vacation experience.


Michal and Yaakov Sharon.

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