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A day's fun 

Want to take a little break? Pamper your other half? Take a good friend or girlfriend for a fun day in the Golan Heights?

White wooden cabins are accommodation complexes in Moshav Ramot located five minutes from the Sea of Galilee, with an amazing view of the lake, the Galilee mountains and the Golan.

In our complexes, the relaxing experience of staying in a B&B with a private pool awaits you, and in winter a heated pool. It is not necessary to come for the night, you can come for a pampering fun day and combine a spa treatment, breakfast, and romantic or relaxing activities such as horseback riding or a picnic in the green outdoors. It is also possible to combine a few hours of rest on the way to or from the far north, to visit Hermon or Emek Hula.

We will be happy to help you plan a personalized fun day for you at the highest level. For more details leave detailsHere


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