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White cabins are perfectly located - on the slopes of the green Golan Heights, above the Sea of Galilee and in front of the Galilee mountains. Five minutes away from us you will find the eastern Kinneret beaches that invite you to a relaxing day of swimming and sun. In the Golan Heights and Lida, a short drive away, you will find the most spectacular hiking trails in Israel - the Daliot spillway, the Gamla waterfall, the Yehudiya and more.

If you are looking for culinary delights, in Moshav itself and a short drive away you will find excellent restaurants, boutique wineries that offer visits, and in season fruit picking in a rustic atmosphere straight from the orchards. For children, in the summer you will find kayaks in Jordan, living areas in the surrounding communities, field trips and more.

In the Golan and Kinneret there is something for everyone's taste, just ask and we will be happy to recommend and adjust for you.

Horseback riding


The famous Ramot Farm offers horse trips in the field from one hour to several days.

The routes are suitable for anyone over the age of 10 and up to 100 kg per rider. For beginners we recommend riding a short route and for experienced and brave riders there are longer trips. 

A very warm recommendation!

The Golan Trail


The Golan Trail is a continuous road from Mount Hermon in the north of the Golan to Ein Tawfik in the south of the Golan. 

The route can be done on foot and partially does not allow the passage of vehicles of any kind. For the path there is a marking made by the Society for the Protection of Nature, which even maintains it.

The length of the path is about 120 km and it is divided into 15 sections of variable length, between 6 and 12 km

Chef restaurant 



In Moshav Had Ness is Guy Ben Simhon's chef's restaurant and the fulfillment of his dream.

The restaurant has a modern, varied French menu and offers meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

It is recommended to reserve seats in advance.

Terra Nova Winery


In Moshav Knef, about 10 minutes from us, located on the hill with the view to the Sea of Galilee, Terra Nova Winery. At the winery you can combine a visit and tasting for couples / families and groups. The winery is on the road connecting "Dir Aziz" and "Mizret Knaf" and 5 minutes from Ein Knaf. 

The winery is definitely recommended for a visit. 

nature reserves


In the Golan Heights, over ten nature reserves are managed under the Nature and Parks Authority.

The reserves are diverse, some of them have waterways and some of them can be reached with carts. Go to the website of the Nature Reserve and Gardens and get the full information.

The volcanic park


A geological - volcanic site that is unique in Israel and in the world. The park is located inside an old quarry, on the walls of which unique and fascinating geological phenomena were revealed that teach about the turbulent volcanic history that the area went through hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Before going down to the park, it is recommended to start with the observation from the Kunitra observatory. A pedestrian path leading into the park descends from here - you need to check in advance if the gate is open.

Various workshops


Jeep trips


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