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Welcome to MThe hosting domains of

White wooden cabins

White wooden cabins are two luxurious accommodation complexes, inviting, invested and designed, located in Moshav Ramot at the foot of the Golan Heights and overlooking the intoxicating and relaxing view of the Sea of Galilee.

the NameWhite wooden cabins indicates the design ofthe cabins On the purity of white, a color that symbolizes calm, peace, cleanliness and light - for a perfect hospitality experience.

אישה שוכבת בגקוזי הפנימי של בקתת הview במתחם האירוח בקתות בלבן
בריכה פרטית במתחם הבוטיק לזוגות בלבד

compoundthe boutique

Couples in the heartd


The VIEW complex

families and couples

Meet the ZOZO

A host house for private events From the house of white cabins


For more details - talk to us

our breakfast

She is one that is remembered for a long time, and some even come to stay with us just for her.

You can order gluten-free, vegan and certain sensitivity breakfasts.

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Now more than ever you should check availability on the website

Due to the load of inquiries, we have opened for you the most convenient way to make sure there is a place in the complex you liked.

We invite you to check the requested dates, details and prices andIf everything works out for you, pix... Make a reservation on the website and reserve your next holiday with us

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