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the white cabins
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the white cabins
the white cabins are two diifrent Hosting complexes, located in Moshav Ramot,  the bottom of the Golan Heights and overlooking the intoxicating and relaxing landscape of the Sea of ​​Galilee.

The name 'white Cabins' indicates the design of the 9 cabins on the White Purity, a color that symbolizes calm, tranquility, cleanliness and light - basic conditions for a perfect hospitality experience.

The cabins are decorated in a warm, classic Provence style, with modern lines that combine antique motifs and offer high-class royal hospitality that will make you not want to leave the room.

If there is something important that underlies our work, it is the desire to make people happy.
We take this task seriously, striving professionally as well, but mostly with a lot of grace and pleasure.
Our hospitality is just like us - simple and good. In short, we enjoy hosting you.
White log cabins - simple level accommodation

"view" cabin's
 for family & couples 

"Boutique" cabin's
 for couples only

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If you ask Michal what was the happiest day of her life, she will tell about the day
the White cabins were opened for business.

Michal puts her heart and soul into running the chalets and providing a perfect hospitality experience. Whether you wish to have breakfast custom tailored to your culinary needs and preferences,
have a cookout facing the stunning view of the Sea of Galilee,
cook a romantic dinner, or anything you can imagine. Michal will always be there for you, lovingly assisting the guests with a smile. Michal will bring down the stars for you, as long as you leave happy and satisfied.

Maintaining our prestigious chalets and lucious gardens is Yaakov, Michals husband. With a pair of good hands and endless hardwork he keeps things running well and looking new, allowing Michal to provide you a flawless lodging experience.
Contact us, book a White Chalet, and we promise a perfect and one of a kind vacation. 
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Event & Productions
Boutique Events at the White cabins

Planning an important family event? Birthday?
Private or business party?

The White cabins- a luxurious cabin resort in Ramot invites you to tailor a boutique event suited to your needs and wishes,
all with a breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee and Galilee mountains. 
You can enjoy food and beverages ranging from delicious snacks to fine chef cooked meals, accompanied by wine from local Golan and Galilee wineries.

The event can include overnight or day use of our stylish cabins, spa treatments, and more.
Contact us and together we will create a prestigious and unforgettable event!
The White cabins hosting complexes are located in moshav Ramot, just five minutes from the sea of Galilee Boasting an impressive scenic view and exceptional standards of hospitality, our complexes are well suited to hosting discerning groups with or without an overnight stay.

If you are a group looking for family cabins or couple's cabins, we offer a luxurious lodging option in the Golan Heights. Each of our complexes offers a heated pool, joint dining or conference room, main kitchen and luscious green communal areas. Our breakfast is known for both it's quality and richness., and fine dinners and buffets can also be provided.

Around us there are many options for group activities - horseback riding, ATV trips. Beaches, hiking paths, and more. We also offer spa treatments and other custom tailored activities on site - and are happy to help you plan a relaxing, memorable, and meaningful group vacation.
 Group's hospitality
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