About the White Cabins

Created in 2005 by Mihal and Yacov Sharon, the White Cabins are part of a complex of luxury cabins that invites you to enjoy the comforts of an enchantingly royal stay in Moshav Ramot, at the foot of the Golan Heights overlooking the enthralling yet soothing panorama of Lake Tiberias. It was Mihal’s dream to be able to apply her long experience in business management and her extensive knowledge about the accommodation and B & B sectors to the design of a personal concept which she could operate in her own way and on her own initiative.

“White Cabins” is a concept of 13 cabins reflecting the purity of white – the color of peace, serenity, cleanliness and light – which are all conditions that are essential to a perfect vacation. These 13 magnificent cabins are divided among three specific areas: the Family and View areas, each with 4 or 5 cabins that are particularly suited to families and couples; and the Boutique area with its communal suites that are different from the suites in the other sections.

A stay at White Cabins is not just another “typical northern hotel vacation” with its activities and tourist sights. Our cabins provide high-end luxury accommodation fit for royalty and are so comfortable you won’t even want to leave your room. Their spacious size lets you fall into a deep and refreshing sleep even if the children are shouting and arguing in the other room. The king size bed provides all the space needed for the intimacy of a couple or a little family party under the blankets. Not only that, we’ve included those little extras that will make your stay even more pleasant: a coffee machine, a bottle of wine, a fridge full of cookies and sweets and, in the bathroom, designer soaps and creams for your bathing pleasure. All these comforts will enhance your stay at the White Cabins, in an environment which is so extraordinary that, in comparison, you might even find the most popular attractions in the Golan to be rather ordinary.

The cabins are designed in a warm and classically Provençal style with modern lines that highlight ancient motifs. Their white color both inside and out is a pleasant surprise for many guests and envelops your beautiful adventure in total purity, positive energy and an atmosphere of happiness and renewal. If you ask Mihal what the happiest moment of her life has been, she will tell you that it was the day she created the white cabins. This is surely the explanation for her devotion to this place and her total commitment to her guests. Do you want a breakfast that is adapted to your particular diet? Would you like to have a barbecue with Lake Tiberias as its backdrop? Are you planning to cook your own supper and need a few ingredients? With a big smile and a lot of love, Mihal will “instantly” find the solution to all your needs and will even bring you the moon on a platter, simply because she loves to have you as a guest.

Contact us to book your white cabin and we’ll make sure you have an extraordinary experience and a perfect vacation.

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