Welcome to the White Cabins

The White Cabins are part of an inviting, comfortable and enchanting complex of luxury vacation cabins in Moshav Ramot, at the foot of the Golan Heights overlooking the breathtaking yet remarkably soothing panorama of Lake Tiberias.

The “White Cabins” is a concept of 13 cabins reflecting the purity of white – the color of peace, serenity, cleanliness and light – which are all conditions that are essential to a perfect vacation.

The cabins are built of wood and are designed in a classically sunny Provencal style with modern lines that highlight timeless motifs. They offer you a royal stay of the highest quality, one that is so comfortable that you won’t even want to leave your room.

White Cabins Areas

What makes these white cabins so special?

If you ask Mihal what the happiest moment of her life has been, she will tell you that it was the day she created the white cabins.

That surely explains her devotion to this establishment and her total commitment to her guests.

Do you want a breakfast that is adapted to your particular diet? Would you like to have a barbecue with Lake Tiberias as its backdrop?

Are you planning to cook your own supper and need a few ingredients?

With a big smile and a lot of love, Mihal will “instantly” find the solution to all your needs and will even bring you the moon, simply because she loves to have you as a guest!